Get beach ready with this 30 Day MELT Cellulite Challenge

Hello Everybody,

I can't tell you how excited I am to introduce you all to the MELT Method's power in reducing the appearance of cellulite and also getting you out and staying out of chronic pain. 

By participating in the challenge we will glide, shear and rinse together... (don't worry you will know what that means soon enough!) 

Join me in this 30 Day Challenge.  It starts on Friday May 13th, 6pm at Core Pilates NYC and on Saturday May 14th for our Skype participants.

Cellulite is caused by damaged superficial connective tissue that allows the fat cells to literally poke through.  Luckily, this damage can be repaired.  MELT stimulates the superficial tissue to generate and circulate more fluid, creating a better barrier to keep the fat from being visible on the back of your thighs.

Before we begin here are some FAQ's:

What should I expect on the first day?

On day one you will receive all of your MELT swag including the Map that you will be doing 10 minutes a day for 30 days.  We will talk about what MELT is and its effects.  We will be doing a Hand and Foot Treatment as well as the 10 minute Cellulite map.


What is a MELT Map?

MELT Maps combine a series of sequences to create a complete self-treatment that includes all Four R's of MELT


What are the 4 R's of MELT?

Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate and Release


What do I need to bring with me to class?  

In Studio: You will need to bring your mini MELT kit to each class.  Foam rollers will be provided in class so you can leave your roller and MELT book at home.

Via Skype:  You will need to have all of your MELT goodies on hand to use for each class.


What if I miss one of the in studio classes?

Don't worry we've got your back!  Since one of our 4 scheduled in studio classes falls on Memorial Day weekend you will have a chance to make that class up.   You will have until June 30th to complete this make up class on one of the following days.  Monday at 12pm, Tuesday at 8pm or Thursday at 3pm at Core Pilates NYC.  


Do I need to submit before, during and after photos?  

It's part of the challenge.  Please submit a BEFORE photo before our first class on Friday May 13th.  Send a during photo the day after we meet in the studio for our classes.  To see the noticeable effects that you will see with this challenge we want to document your progress.


Who is going to see these photos?

We would like to use these photos to promote future classes and share on both Core Pilates NYC and Kim Villanueva's social media platforms to show the changes that can be made with consistent MELTing.  We will not include your name and all photos should be taken straight on from your waist to your feet so you will be unrecognizable. Please be assured no photos or identifying information will ever be used for any purpose without your consent.


How do I take my pictures?

All images need to be high resolution

Wear shorts (roll up if not short shorts) or swimsuit

The before and after images must be in the same clothing and lighting

Take photographs weekly and ideally on the same day each week


Do you have any tips on getting the best photos?

Use overhead light from above.

Do not use a flash, it will flatten the image

Take the photo from 4 to 5 feet away from the waist to the feet and straight on.  Note the distance so you can repeat it so photos are consistent.

Stand in your natural posture against a blank wall.  Remember that we want to see your thighs and not your couch ;)


Where do I submit my before, during and after photos?

Send them all to me at


What if I miss a day in the 30 Day Challenge?

Don't miss!!  It's only 10 minutes a day!!  You can do it!!  Just think of how great you will feel once you complete the 30 days.  You've made the commitment.... stick to the plan.