Pilates At The Gym

I started my Pilates At The Gym series several months ago and revived this idea when preparing to present a workshop, The Posture of Pilates, at the ECA Conference here in NYC last weekend .  I wanted to be able to make Pilates accessible to all types of fitness trainers and with the mix of Pilates professionals, personal trainers and group fitness instructors at this conference I thought it was the perfect venue for it to come alive.  

Pilates At The Gym - Footwork on the leg press machine.

Pilates At The Gym - Going Up Front Strenghten the muscles around the knee and work on balance.

Pilates At The Gym - Front Support on the TRX® working on core stability and form while working against gravity

Pilates At The Gym - Short Box on the decline bench. Secure the feet under the bench to secure the lower body and have a strong foundation to work the abdominals.

Pilates At The Gym - Swan on the side sit up bench. Set up the bench so that your pubic bone is supported. When opening the arms they should be slightly in front of your shoulders. (Mine are a little too far back in this video)

Rowing - From The Chest At the gym use light weight and focus on form. Lift the chest without opening the ribcage and feel length through the back of your neck.